Rosalie Dace is an internationally-renowned textile artist and she needed marketing that reflected both her own personal work, and the classes that she teaches. Rosalie approached us to redesign her existing website, which was very dated, to provide her with new business cards, and create a social media presence so that she could engage and communicate with her student base, class facilitators, and fellow creators.


Just before COVID hit Rosalie experienced a VISA issue that prevented her from travelling to the USA where she was scheduled to teach and take part in various exhibitions and showcases. Due to this setback, and the onset of the global pandemic, we re-examined how she was teaching and moved her into an online space, reconfiguring her website and pivoting her social media focus. This has allowed her to continue to teach internationally and offer classes in a way that is accessible to students regardless of their geographic constraints.

What we did

  • Audited existing website

  • Developed a brand identity for client

  • Designed and developed new website

  • Designed business cards

  • Created Instagram profile and Facebook page

  • Created a cohesive brand identity across all content and platforms

  • Developed a social media strategy

  • Content creation and management

  • Community management and engagement

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