Should Your Small Business Be Using Canva?

Social media is the perfect platform for small businesses to market their brand. A well crafted social media strategy will engage an audience and educate them on what a business has to offer. However, social media marketing is time-consuming and can be expensive if specialist help is enlisted. The flip side of this is that the world is a visual place, especially on social media platforms. A business doing their own graphic design runs the risk of doing more harm than good.

That’s where Canva comes in. Canva is a free online graphic design tool that is perfect for small businesses looking to create eye-catching social media posts. The Business Pro version costs under R1000 a month for up to 5 users. It’s full of cool features and ready to use templates designed to make social media marketing easy.

Canva also helps a brand maintain a consistent look and feel with resizing tools and brand kits. Social media elements that compliment each other will make a brand more recognisable in the endless sea of posts competing for a user’s attention. Canva helps create attention grabbing content that drives engagement and brand awareness.

Canva is easily accessible and very user-friendly. It’s a fantastic tool for a business that doesn’t have anyone in-house with design experience. The downside is that with the premade templates being available to literally anyone with an account, anywhere in the world there’s a good chance that templates will be used more than once.

That’s where String Phone Marketing steps in. We offer custom Canva template design for small businesses, as well as training on the platform. This offering provides the best of both worlds - a cheap platform to use to market your business until you’re at the point where you can hire an agency, while still ensuring your business stands out by not using the same templates as everyone else. We will teach you how to get the most out of Canva, while still operating within the current social media best practice guidelines.

If this sounds like something that could benefit your business get in touch!

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